Micah White, PhD is the lifelong activist who co-created Occupy Wall Street, a global social movement that spread to 82 countries, while an editor of Adbusters magazine. A frequent public speaker and prominent activist educator, he is the co-founder of Activist Graduate School, an online school taught by, and for, experienced activists. Micah is the author of The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution

Upcoming Events:

Activist Educator: What is the future of activism?  

Micah White, PhD is the Program Director of Activist Graduate School, an online school for activists. Micah White has delivered many guest lectures and seminars at universities including Princeton, Swarthmore, and Middlebury. In his lecture at the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics, Micah spoke about best practices on how to organize a movement, if protests are the most effective way to enact change, and how electoral politics factor in a successful organization. The discussion led to one central question—What is the future of activism?

International Speaker: Will democracy win?

Micah has been invited to keynote cultural festivals and private events in Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Australia's Sydney Opera House. While in Denmark, Micah was asked to address the provocative question: Do we remain convinced that democracy—as we know it—will spread around the globe? Micah has just seven minutes to answer with a debate in Danish and English to follow. Filmed live, watch as Micah defends the virtues of democracy and presents a nuanced critique of contemporary sovereignty.

Activist Consultant: Social Impact Advising

The changing nature of protest is presenting new challenges for international advocacy groups. When activist organizations need fresh ideas and authentic social impact strategies, they turn to Micah White for advice. Grounded in his long and proven track record of innovative activism, Micah is an expert at nimble, cost-effective methods for social movement creation.  

Activist Author: The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution

In The End of Protest  Micah White heralds the future of activism. Drawing on his unique experience with Occupy Wall Street, a contagious protest that spread to eighty-two countries, White articulates a unified theory of revolution and eight principles of tactical innovation that are destined to catalyze the next generation of social movements. English, German and Greek editions available.