Cultural Festivals: Will democracy win?

Do we remain convinced that democracy—as we know it—will spread around the globe? Micah has just seven minutes to answer the question with a debate in Danish and English to follow.

Filmed live in Aarhus, Denmark, Micah defends the virtues of democracy and presents a nuanced critique of contemporary sovereignty.

University Lectures: Why do protests fail?  

In this lecture at Swarthmore College, Micah evaluated various theories for why contemporary protests are failing. Is it a lack of demands? Police repression? Absence of leadership? Or something deeper? Our goal was to develop a general theory of protest failure grounded in the concrete experience of contemporary activism.


Playbook for Revolution: The End of Protest

Is protest broken? Micah White, co-creator of Occupy Wall Street, thinks so. Disruptive tactics have failed to halt the rise of Donald Trump. Movements ranging from Black Lives Matter to environmentalism are leaving activists frustrated. Meanwhile, recent years have witnessed the largest protests in human history. Yet these mass mobilizations no longer change society. Now activism is at a crossroads: innovation or irrelevance.
In The End of Protest Micah White heralds the future of activism. Drawing on his unique experience with Occupy Wall Street, a contagious protest that spread to eighty-two countries, White articulates a unified theory of revolution and eight principles of tactical innovation that are destined to catalyze the next generation of social movements.

Private Consultations: What do we do now?

How will the changing nature of protest impact the work of international advocacy groups? Amnesty International in London spoke with Micah about the future of global social action. 


Strategic Analysis: The Day After the March

This editorial on the Women's March was read over 600,000 times by activists worldwide within 72 hours making it one of the most shared articles of early 2017.

National Public Radio: Rural Revolution

NPR's Morning Edition reported from Nehalem and toured the town with Micah to discuss his campaign for Mayor. Here is the audio of the story and the longer interview.

Documentary Interviews: Long Road to Change

In an age when technology has made organising protest movements easier than ever before, journalist Zoe Williams asks why we aren't seeing long-term results. She looks back on the global history of activism to discover the pre-conditions needed for concrete change. Some activists believe the issue lies in how we measure the success of movements. Co-founder of the global Occupy protests, Micah White, explains how the failure of his movement showed him how activism needs to be redefined.