Upcoming Talks

Activist Educator: Why do protests fail?  

Beyond founding Activist Graduate School, an online school for activists, Micah is a frequent guest lecturer at universities on social activism. In this talk at the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics, Micah speaks about best practices on how to organize a movement, if protests are the most effective way to enact change, and how electoral politics factor in a successful organization. The discussion led to one central question—What is the future of activism?

Activist Keynote Speaker: Will democracy win?

Do we remain convinced that democracy—as we know it—will spread around the globe? Micah has just seven minutes to answer the question with a debate in Danish and English to follow. Filmed live in Aarhus, Denmark, Micah defends the virtues of democracy and presents a nuanced critique of contemporary sovereignty. This is just one example of the keynotes Micah has been invited to give in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Mexico and beyond.

Activist Consultant: What do we do now?

How will the changing nature of social protest impact the work of international advocacy groups? Micah consults with NGOs, movements and activists to imagine the future of global social action.  Need Micah’s help? Get in touch

Activist Essayist: The Day After the March

Known for his provocative essays critiquing the current state of activism, this editorial on the Women's March hit a chord: it was read over 600,000 times by activists worldwide within 72 hours making it one of the most viral articles on activism in 2017.