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GUME: Launch Event in Brazil

Regina Augusto’s new reputation and engagement agency brings one of today’s key influencers to Brazil

To celebrate the launch of her new reputation and engagement agency, GUME, the journalist Regina Augusto coordinates the visit to Brazil of one of the creators of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the American philosopher Micah White. Former editor of Adbusters magazine, White will discuss at the launch event of GUME on Tuesday, May 26, the future of protest and social movements and in what way the current global socio-economic context influences how people, institutions and brands build their reputation.

Regina Augusto is one of Brazil's most renowned specialists in the national and global fields of communication, marketing and media. After 19 years at the Meio&Mensagem Group, where she was director of editorial content, she left the company in March to launch her new venture.

"One of the main characteristics of my professional career has always been to have had a broader, contextualized view of communication. Now, with GUME, this experience can help bring my repertoire of expertise to help our clients to find their voice and the most appropriate channels to increase their relevance in an increasingly complex environment", said Regina to emphasize that the visit of the US activist and academic to Brazil is a perfect fit with this position.

Micah was one of the main critical voices to the establishment in the post-crisis period of 2008, and helped, along with the founder of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn, to articulate the movement that culminated in the occupation of Zuccotti Park in Manhattan in 2011, a movement of mass proportions that was globally known as Occupy Wall Street. Among the main demands of the movement was the assumption of responsibility of financial market executives for the 2008 crisis, in addition to the proposal for a more egalitarian society and less guided by consumer culture. White was considered in 2014 one of the world's 37 most influential people under 35 years by the American magazine Esquire, next to names like Beyoncé, Mark Zuckerberg and LeBron James.

"I suspect there is a new approach struggling to be born and that this new way of doing activism will come from outside of North America. Perhaps it will come from Brazil. I'm looking forward to visiting Brazil in search of that new protest paradigm and to support the efforts of GUME to understand and develop new methods of social mobilization" said White about his visit.

At the launch event of GUME, White will address issues such as protest, the network society and social tensions around the world are changing our definitions of influence, reputation and relevancy in the lives of ordinary people, brands and institutions.