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Micah White will lecture on "The Beginning of Protest" at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio

  • Antioch College (McGregor 113) Yellow Springs, Ohio USA (map)

Micah White will deliver a public lecture at Antioch College entitled THE BEGINNING OF PROTEST. Recognizing that the paradigms of contemporary protest are undergoing a period of crisis, White believes that the greatest achievement of Occupy Wall Street is what it teaches us about the nature of social change and the future of peaceful global revolution. We learned, for example, that the dominant theory of revolutionary change is too heavily influenced by materialist analysis. Social change materialism cannot fully account for postmodern spiritual insurrections like May 1968 and ultramodern uprisings like Occupy Wall Street. Nor can it explain pre-modern paradigm shifts like the epiphany of St. Paul and the conversion of Constantine that ushered in the Christianization of Western Civilization. Ultimately Micah White calls for another approach to social activism: an inquiry into the power of metanoia (epiphany).