We quit organizing on social media in anticipation of Ambush Wall Street. Our FB page is disabled; Twitter inactive; interview requests unanswered.

The Ambush ought to be a surprise.*

So don’t turn to the screen for hype about what will happen on September 15.

Instead quietly get to work on planning an operation in your city. Something unexpected: a midnight action, flash mob, false flag or daytime raid.**

The strategic goal is to ambush Trump with a social crisis he cannot escape, force him to delegitimize himself with his base by protecting the corrupt monied financier elites he pretends to oppose, thereby hastening the great awakening.


Ambush Wall Street Guided Meditation***

Voluntarism alone will not get the job done. That is the core lesson of the last seven years of activism since Occupy.

Clearly, we’re going to need the assistance of theurgy, chance, fate and possibly divine intervention, too.

So wherever you are, join us on Sunday, August 12 at 12:15pm EDT for a collective meditation designed to welcome supernatural assistance.

Read the following guided meditation script prior to August 12.

Stage 1

At precisely 12:15pm EDT on August 12, take your seat if possible in a quiet, dimly lit room, secure from disturbance; face towards New York City; sit in such an attitude that your feet are together and your hands clasped, thus making a closed circuit of yourself. Breathe as slowly as you can without strain, making a slight pause at the beginning and ending of each breath, thus: breathe in, pause; breathe out, pause. Once the meditation has begun, think no more about your breathing.

Stage 2

Commence your meditation by visualizing a vibrant white flame in the center of your chest. Keeping this image before your mind’s eye, slow down your thought processes till you begin to “feel” rather than reason. Now slowly grow the flame until it spreads throughout your entire chest. See the flame fill your arms, legs and neck with light. Visualize the flame growing to fill your entire body. Hold the white light within yourself and see it getting brighter and brighter.

Stage 3

Now visualize the flame bursting from the crown of your head upward. See it arcing through the sky. Visualize your light landing on Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street in New York City, illuminating the space. Hold the light beam from your body to Zuccotti and know that many others are at this exact instant also sending light to this park, the birthplace of Occupy Wall Street.

Stage 4

Meditate on Ambush Wall Street and ask that there be a surprise — an unexpected event that triggers a mass awakening.  

Stage 5

At the conclusion, say aloud: “It is finished.” Slowly open your eyes and affirm your return to normal consciousness.

The end.


* Okay, if you really must know what is planned, here are a few of the known actions: There will be unrest in Europe under the Change Finance coalition banner #10YearsOn. Fifty actions across France will target banks. In the UK, activists will take on the Bank of England, declaring it a crime scene. There will be an Alternative Finance Festival in the Netherlands. Some occupiers want to reoccupy Zuccotti. Others want to flood the phone lines of Bank of America and/or Merrill Lynch... the rest is a secret.

** This is a leaderless protest. If you want to organize for AMBUSH WALL STREET in your city, don’t ask permission - just do it! Repost this call to action on your blog and website, rewrite it, edit it, mash it up. Do whatever you feel will have the greatest possible revolutionary impact!

*** Meditation script adapted from Dion Fortune.