Demoscoin - Ethereum Smart Contract Rewards Activists and Protesters

Around two hundred Demos activists gathered under the venerable trees at Gezi Park.

Each carried a small device, a cryptocurrency wallet no bigger than lipstick.

Their individual attendance at the gathering was recorded on the blockchain and they received an equal share of Demoscoin.

At first, of course, Demoscoin was worthless.

The executive presidency was in ascendancy and few thought the Demos democracy movement would go anywhere significant.

The movement’s founders, the true believers who kept on attending the Demos gatherings, doggedly accumulated large hordes of Demoscoin in exchange for their active presence.

Demos gatherings were vital spaces of revolutionary debate. What form of government should replace the current regime? What rights should be guaranteed in the new constitution? And how can we increase the efficacy of our movement? It was all discussed despite the most repressive domestic political situation.


Then one day authorities grew tired of the Demos gatherings and forcefully removed us from Gezi..

And that is when the flippening happened.

Activists abroad had been watching the livestream and when they saw our movement getting suppressed they started buying Demoscoins on decentralized exchanges as a way to support the movement's early adopters.

The more intense the repression, the more revolutionary their actions, the more valuable Demoscoin became. Early founders now had a warchest: just by selling a few hundred coins on anonymous exchanges they raised millions of dollars to fund the revolution.

And because activists acquired Demoscoin by participating in Demos gatherings, the movement grew faster than imaginable.

(Shadowy foundations and quasi-state organizations started pouring money into accumulating Demoscoin as well.)

Demos had financialized global revolution with the blockchain. A new people struggled for sovereignty.