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Invite: Leaderless Potluck on Buy Nothing Day

Letter to The PeopleMicah White, PhDComment

Dear partisans,

The winter storms have started early in Cascadia and as I write this the wind is in fury outside. Ten months on the Oregon coast and I am beginning to see the intensity of the weather engender the natural virtues of this bioregion: deep roots, stout trees, small communities.  

Now that "Occupy is over", occupiers are getting back to spiritual insurrection. Zuccotti Justine Tunney is kickstarting a nonviolent militia (#nvmilitia). Zuccotti Justin Wedes wants to transform the abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit into a hub for innovation, jobs and urban agriculture. And in Cascadia, we are building a left-right electoral social movement to break the back of duopoly

One of the traditions of our movement is to get together on the day after Thanksgiving for the anti-consumerist holiday Buy Nothing Day. For the last few years I've advocated for protests in malls to break the Black Friday trance. But zombie walks and credit card cut-ups are pre-Occupy. Symbolic protest alone won't win.

I invite you to celebrate BND differently this year by hosting a leaderless potluck: an extra day of thanksgiving and generosity for occupiers, activists and culture jammers to come together and strategize the future of our movement.

Buy Nothing Day is November 29 in North America and November 30 in the rest of the world.

Host a leaderless potluck in your city, or rsvp for the potluck I'll be hosting in Nehalem, at meetup.com/leaderless

We will be assembling an agenda for open discussion. If you have a proposal, strategy or tactic for the movement to discuss, please submit it below.

Spirit and Freedom,


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